The forum Rules !

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The forum Rules !

Post by Josiejane on Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:00 pm

The Forum Rules !

These rules are based around the entire forum, but each section of the forum has its own Rules section.

Our rules are :

• All information must be posted in English.
• You may not post on behalf of a suspended or banned member without the Owner's permission.
• Racial or hateful remarks and any other form of attack or harassment is not tolerated.
• Adult material, whether nudity or violence is not accepted, if posted, immediate warning.
• Discussion/sharing of illegal activity/content such as drugs are not allowed here.
• You can only bump your topic every 12 hours.
• Members are not allowed to use moderation colors. Colors are only allowed for staff members only.
• Talking bad about the forum like saying it is boring or stupid, is strictly not allowed in the forum. It will result you in a immediate ban or warning from the forum depending on how bad the insult is.
• Advertising your forum or site in wrong sections is strictly not allowed and wont be tolerated.

Avatars and Signitures:
• No vulgarities in any form should be in your avatar and signature.
• Don't use any inappropriate and large size images in your avatar.
• No inappropriate images/illegal stuffs should be in your avatar and signature.
• There shouldn't be anything obscene in your avatar and signature that might make members feel uncomfortable.

Accounts and Privacy:
• Having more than one account can result to the forum banning your server.
• Your account can only be used by one person, not two or more.
• Please donot give out any personal information on your profile :
- Address
- Telephone Number
- Credit card number, medical card number or any other number that is to be kept private
- Mobile/Cell number
- School/work number and adress
Some general Rules concering the forum:
• This is a disscussion forum, you are to disscuss here. We DONOT tolerate off topic chats.
• As a chat forum we DONOT tolerate people advertiseing, throughout anyway.
• Help to members is allowed through PM or Email to the forums email :, but we only provide help to forum based problems nothing else.

Our warnings and actions towards an offense:

• Off topic disscussion - Verbal warning
• Advertiseing in an inapropriate place - Warning
• Bumping a topic or posting again in less than 12 hours - Warning
• Insulting comments toward a member of staff - Warning
• Causing an argument with a member of staff - Warning
• Racist, Insulting and discrmination towards any member - Banning
• Rude and Nudity in pictures, Avatars and Signitures - Banning
• Illegal Refferences - Banning Server and reporting to Forumotion Staff
• Advertiseing of a company/Product - Banning Server
• Having more than One account- Deleteing of your chosen account and a -2 warning
• Spam - Warning
• Swearing - Warning as swearing is NOT tolerated in any part of the forum under ANY circumstances.

Thank you for taking the time to read the forums rules, Check back if you are unsure of the rules.

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