Forum Promotion Proposeals - Guidelines

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Forum Promotion Proposeals - Guidelines

Post by Josiejane on Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:40 pm

Forum Promotion Proposeals

Please post your proposeals for promoting your forum here in this topic,If accepted the post will be moved into a new topic situated in your chosen Category. To have an accepted proposal you must include:

1) Name of your forum - This is so members know what your forums names is.
2) Forum Address - So that members know the link to your forum.
3) Breif description of your forum - So memebers know what yuo forum is about.
[b]4) Chosen Category [b]- Please choose out of (Graphics/Chat/Advertiseing/Misc.), This makes it easier for members to locate the type of forum they need.
[b]5) User name on forum[b]-So is a member has any questions they know who they need to contact.

You must include all of that above in your proposeal, you can include other things like statistics, or if you have any Staff Position etc. But you must include all of the above. If you donot your proposeal will be denied, but still left there as you can fix it and then if its correct we will send it to its own topic.


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